Friday, September 12, 2014

The best day of school

Dylan Tinsley
English 7

The best day of school i have ever had at school would probably be football.38 football is the most important game to me. the reason why i  think that because every sack or tackle i have ever had has been great in my book. Every time the coach tells u good obit feels great.
Another reason is because king of the board one year i went undefeated in king of the board. The reason i love football is because I'm one of those kids who has a lot of anger sometimes.  the hitting in football is what helps me takeout all of my frustration.  if i didn't have football i don't know what i would do. I would probably be getting in trouble every day and not get my homework done.
My first Junior High Football game was against Pierce. The bus ride up to pierce was pretty quiet most of us had our headphones on listening to football motivation music. When we got to the school we went to the locker rooms to get ready. Then we walked outside and looked down on the field. The b team played first the a team sat on the sideline watching. They scored the first touchdown and kept going. At the end it was Pierce 58 oneill o. Then was the A team. We were getting warmed up. We were stretching for the big game ahead of us. but when we got to play we found out pierce was a pretty good football team we ended up loosing 38-0
If I didn't have football i would probably be a failure when i am older and live on the streets. but I think Everybody Should at least try football or at least some type of sport. Such as football,basketball,wrestling.