Monday, November 24, 2014

Shared suffering

In the movie shared suffering is showed because they all go down the mountain together they don't go separate. My everyday life shared suffering is showed in football because when one of us get in trouble the whole team suffers we all run as a team not just the person that gets in trouble everybody.    
Photo Credit: Coach Peterson

Friday, November 14, 2014


This is America The land of the brave and free. Freedom is all about American  soldiers fighting for our country and keeping us free and America has the right to bare arms. 
The Second Amendment to the Constitution gave us the right to bear arms.  This means that we are free to buy and own guns.  To own a gun in America you need to have a special permit and you can not be a felon.  Because I legally own a gun I can go hunt for trophy bucks.
Freedom isn't exactly free. Although we do have a lot of rights and freedoms,we are not free and never will. We don't have the right to say whatever we want i know there is some things we shouldn't say.
Freedom of speech we don't really have it . We have way more than most countries in our country u can talk about what our opinion is. We get to vote for president unlike other countries.
Remember to  support our troops if it weren't for them non of us would probably be here