Monday, February 23, 2015

Colledge essay

I have a fair amount of hopes and dreams for my future. Growing up in this farming community I am inspired to take care of the land and put food on people’s tables. I’m impressed when I travel around the county and see farming operations working out in the field.  Men and women working hard to cultivate and grow crops. there is a lot to managing farming operations. A college education can help me.
My goals are to own a farm and be successful or 
maybe be a pro bass fisherman. why i would need a college educarticaton is because i would have to have a college education to get into something like that 
onother thing i would like to be is a professional hunter and be on the outdoorsman channel but first i would ha ve to get a college education .

i am going to have to get a college education so i can be successful. a college education is very important 

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